Chrysler Building Rendering Book Cover

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Book Cover Rendering

Chrysler Building Rendering

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Chrysler Book Cover Rendering

Chrysler Building Rendering Book Cover
Chrysler Book Cover

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Chrysler Building Rendering Book Cover
Chrysler Book Cover

Financial Accounting, Chrysler Rendering Book Cover

Our Chrysler Building Rendering used on a book cover for Financial Accounting.

13th edition, Author: Jan Williams. Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 2008

While many texts characterize themselves as having either a “user” approach or a “preparer” approach, Williams’ Financial Accounting is written for faculty who want to strike a balance between these approaches. Business majors will find relevance in the “Ethics, Fraud & Corporate Governance,” “Your Turn” and “Case in Point” boxes throughout the chapters while accounting majors will receive a firm grounding in accounting basics that will prepare them for their intermediate course.

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