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Printed Terrain Models

3d Terrain Models with printed surface Gallery -

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Terrain Table
Terrain Table
Piketon Site
Topographic Model
Tora Bora
Solid Terrain Model
Cross River Nigeria
Fiberglass Model
Military Terrain Models
9 Terrain Models
RC East Afghanistan
Terrain Models
Agua Caliente
Terrain Model
Watershed model
Coal River WV
Watershed Model
Rajant Terrain Model
Terrain Model with LEDs
Costom Raised Relief Model
Terrain Model
Your printed surface terrain model will usually ship in 2-4 weeks. These terrain models can be milled in high density polyurethane foam or for a really solid terrain model, it can be fabricated in fiberglass or green MDF board. Quite stunning terrain models are created by combining the 3d terrain model base with satellite/aerial photography and graphics. This type of model is ideal for models of large areas because there is an enormous amount of information in the aerial/satellite imagery. For features that need to be added or emphasized, We edit the photo in Illustrator and Photoshop. For most areas of interest, we have ready access to a variety of additional information like political boundaries, rivers and streams, roads, watershed boundaries and can add text attributes for all of these.
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landform models
Printed Terrain
From Old Map
Tactical Terrain Table
Afghanistan RC-East
Tribal Areas
Site Plan Model
Grainger Power
Landfill Topo Model
Relief Model
Akwa Ibom Nigeria
Fiberglass Model
Retail Model
New Jersey
Highlands Coalition
Watershed Model
Oak Creek Watershed
Sedona, Arizona
Terrain model with inserts
Navajo Nation
raised relief maps
Concord CA
Watershed Model
Lake Pogotopaug, CT
Watershed Model
Physical Terrain Models
Truchard Vineyards
Terrain Model

We supply terrain models to developers, builders, architects, watershed coalitions, the military and model shops around the world. Our terrain models are milled from slabs of high density polyurethane foam. Our milling process accurately creates your terrain model from your paper or digital elevation model. Our models can be finished out and ready for final presentation, ready to drop your building into or supplied right off the machine for use as a study model or for your model shop to finish.

We are experienced model makers. Our foam site models are precision cut from a solid piece of high density polyurethane foam. If a fiberglass terrain model is needed, a mold is pulled and the fiberglass is laid-up in the mold so no resolution is lost. Our high speed milling process accurately creates the terrain model from your data or from our data. Upon receipt of your information (project boundary, scale, details, etc..), we will call you to confirm details and PRICING.

Most of our terrain models are ready to ship in 2-4 weeks.

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