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We offer a variety of architectural presentation services. Our architectural rendering, animation and model builder teams are ready to serve. No matter what your needs are, when it comes to architectural presentations, we can accomplish it! Our goal is to consistently create exceptional architectural renderings and models - and to deliver the final product on time and on budget. I look forward to hearing from you.

Edward Howard, Howard Models

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Ed Howard
Edward Howard

Throughout each project, whether it is an architectural rendering, scale model, terrain model or animation we will give you the information you require to have a high level of confidence in the final product. While you're always welcome at Howard Architectural Models, the fact that fewer than one percent of our clients visit our facility is evidence of our success in online communication.

Architectural Presentations by Howard Models.

We have over 40 years experience building architectural models. Ed Howard has been building architectural models since he was 10 years old. The art of successful model building involve more than just building great models. We have a full compliment of tools at our model shop. These include laser-cutting, cnc milling/routing, 3d printing and countless traditional model maker tools. There are always time and budget constraints. We analyze each job to determine the fastest most cost efficient way to get the job done.

Howard Models is a leader in the field of Photo-Realistic Architectural Renderings. Being involved in Architectural Presentations for over 35 years, Howard models has set the standards that all other Rendering Companies strive for. Our attention to detail is well known. While correct architectural detailing is indispensable - perspective, lighting, and composition are what bring it to life. Our Architectural Renderings are engineered to look great on the web, printed at 4' wide or on a billboard - images that are crisp, clean and sharply detailed.

Terrain Model fabrication has also evolved through the years - and Howard Models has been there. From terrain models made with the manual pantograph with paper contour maps to CNC milling using digital elevation models to vacuum forming to 3d printing from 3d surface models and solid terrain modeling to full color 3d printed terrain models, Howard Models strives to offer premium quality - cost efficient solutions to our clients.

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