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Architectural Models - Howard Architectural Models, Architectural Model

Architectural Models, Howard Architectural Models, Architectural Model

Crossroads Community Church

David Gay, Senior Project Manager CCL Associates, LLC

Site: Machine cut, hand finished, painted with grass, roads, walks, water features, landscaping, cars & people. Landscaping: large and medium trees with accurate shrubbery per the landscape plan. Buildings: Full color detailed laser cut acrylic buildings. Plexiglas construction with digitally enhanced facades work beautiful with this Architectural Models.

Crossroads Community Church seeks to create a unique environment of worship that will give hope and joy to those who seek to connect with God. Crossroads services feature an upbeat array of praise songs, innovative drama, and media clips that highlight a weekly theme. Crossroads Community Church seeks to provide a dynamic worship experience that helps us connect, in a meaningful way to God.

Crossroads Church Crossroads Community Church Prayer Prayer Request

Prayer Ministry

Daily Prayer

Power of Prayer

Healing Prayer

Child Prayer

Jesus Prayer

Prayer Time

Prayer for Peace


We are committed to being your architectural model builder of choice. Therefore, we have redesigned the architectural model building process with your needs in mind. Our new process speeds production communications, and adds flexibility to the construction process.
You can expect extraordinary architectural models within your deadline, architectural models that reflect your design changes without change orders. Our new 3D to Laser process compresses our production time, while it increases your design development time.
  As skilled architectural model builders, we use the most effective technologies available: 3D CAD modeling, laser cut parts, stereo lithography, machine milled topographic modeling, and high density resin casting. We have brought these assets together under creative management to produce the most efficient architectural model building process available today.

Throughout each architectural model, we will give you the information you require to have a high level of confidence in the final product. Our Dynamic Project Review web site permits you to review your in-progress architectural model on-line. While you're always welcome at Howard Architectural Models, the fact that fewer than five percent of our clients visit our facility is evidence of our success in communication.

  Your architectural models can be completed in 4-6 weeks or less. Call or Email for more information.
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