The Chrysler Building 200 Series #58

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The Chrysler Building Pewter replica by Howard Models

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The Chrysler Building Series 58 - 1"=200'.. (5.75" tall)

This 5.75 " version of the Chrysler Building (Series #58) is quite stunning. Extreme in both accuracy and detailing, this building is the embodies 25 years of architectural model making, painstaking research and numerous pewter casting innovations. The final result is the finest replica we have ever created. Of course the Chrysler building deserves nothing less. Going beyond just articulating the dimensional aspects of the facade, the various brick designs and patterns that van Allen adorned the buildings face with have been embossed onto this replicas surface. Special attention was paid to the spire to ensure that it is not only well detailed but captures the elligance.
Pewter Chrysler Building - Scale 1"=200' - Height 5.75 " tall. $ 250.00

Chrysler 5.75" 1"=200' Buildings available for sale:
(Specify in an email to us after you place the order which series number you would like!)

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Chrysler Replica Home Page
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