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The Falling Water House Model - Howard Architectural Models

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Falling Water House
Falling Water House Architectural Model

The Falling Water House Architectural Model - Howard Architectural Models

Presented by Howard Models. Fabricated by City Models Ltd.

Frank Lloyd Wright, who lived from (1876-1959) is one of the most renowned American Architects ever. Fallingwater is his masterpiece, "the most famous residence ever build" ; tne AIA ( American Institute of arhitects ) refers to Fallingwater as "the best all-time work of American architecture". Designed and build during 1934-1937 in Ohiopyle, (Bear Run), Pennsylvania, Fallingwater was a vacation house for the Kaufmann family: Edgar, Liliane and son Edgar Jr., owners of a department store in Pittsburgh. Fallingwater house and it's contents were put in the care of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy in 1963 and is, today, a house - museum and U.S. monument.

The key to the setting of the house is the waterfall over which it was built. The falls had been a focal point of the Kaufmann's activities, and the family had decided that the area around the falls would be the location for there home. They were unprepared for Wright's suggestion that the house rise over the waterfall, rather than face it. But the architect's original scheme was adopted almost without change.

Fallingwater is a combination of organic architecture that integrates man with nature, as Wright taught to his students at his Taliesen Studio. Fallingwater was constructed of sandstone quarried on the site and was built by local craftsmen. It follows the concept of integrating environmental factors, function, native materials, construction process and humans.

Fallingwater Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater Falling Water House Fallingwater Wright

Frank Lloyd Wrights Falling Water House

Falling Water House PA

Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water House House

Falling Water House Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright House

Fallingwater Floor Plan

Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture

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